Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring in Moscow

Happy Spring! Can you believe the first day of spring is here? There is a certain excitement and newness that comes with the dawn of spring. What makes spring so wonderful? I think it's because it comes after a dark, cold winter. So without the cold, dreary days of winter, how would we know to appreciate the sunshine and new growth of spring. Let's remember to be thankful for those dark days and appreciate the bright days that much more. 

So what does the first day of spring look like in Domodedovo, Russia? Here are a few pictures I took this morning. I wish I would have made it out with my camera a little earlier because the day started out bright and sunny like a good spring day, but then a snow storm blew in seemingly within minutes. The sun is starting to back out again now. Ah, yes, spring in Russia! :)

The snowmen are actually melting! Poor things...they will be missed.

We can actually see the road! :)

And then there's the enormous mounds of snow that will most likely be there still in May or June.

So with the snow slowly melting now, the ground starts to reveal all of its dirty secrets. Trash is everywhere. The whole no littering thing isn't quite the same here. There are also many stray dogs here. They leave their "droppings" all winter long. It freezes and gets covered with another layer of snow. As the snow melts, all the nastiness gets revealed. 

Here's hoping you all are enjoying the new season!

Every Christian has a very personal responsibility to grow in their faith. Yet there are times when we seem to stand still. That is when God touches us like the earth in the springtime, bringing new growth and warmth for the faithful souls dedicated to His service.  - Ed Price

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