Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Visa Situation

Well, we are back in the states for a few weeks to renew our visas. Due to the type of visa we must get to do mission work, we can only get 3 month visas right now. It is not easy to travel this much, but the  blessing is the opportunity to see family. How thankful I am for the wonderful family God has given my husband and me!

Our flight here went well. We were supposed to arrive here on Thursday night, but our flight was cancelled due to a strike in Germany. We were able to reschedule for the next day with no trouble. Praise the Lord for that! :) After 13 hours in the air and about 24 hours of travel time, we enjoyed a good nights rest. It was interesting how many people we met during our travels this time. Between cancelled flights and long lines, we met some very nice people. Some were on a business trip, others visiting family, while others were also involved in some type of mission work. While visiting a country that is not your own, there is a unique bond between complete strangers that share the same citizenship.

We are excited and praying about the possibility of improvement in the area of visas in the next year. We recently got a new American Ambassador in Russia who wants to make a treaty between Russia and America that will allow longer visas both ways. It will improve things for both Russians and Americans. This would be wonderful and we are praying for the Lord's will in this.


  1. Praying for longer Visas and God's Word being shared to the world.
    Debbie in Kansas

  2. Hello Michelle,

    My name is April and I am from Longview Bible Baptist Church...I hear about your father-in-law and you and your husband a lot! :)

    I have to thank you for speaking at the Ladies Spark! It was a blessing to hear about how God brought you through a tough time.

    I will be travelling to Kenya, Africa on April 16th and will be staying for 9 weeks. Pray for God to work and for my safety.

    I will pray for you and your husband when you come to mind.

    Hope you enjoyed your day in the Lord,

    April :)
    Ps. 68:19

  3. It snowed here in Russia again last night.....I'm sure you are sad you missed it!

  4. glad to hear you had safe travels, and I'll share with the other ladies at church about the visa situation and we can be praying about that for you! enjoy your time here!
    Julianne Smith :)