Friday, May 18, 2012

Home again!

I apologize for how quiet my blog has been lately! The exciting news is that we're back in Russia again!! It feels like we were gone for months although it was only weeks. I'm so thrilled to be back! = ) The flight over went fine. I always breath a sigh a relief and thank the Lord when the last bag shows itself on the carousel. It's only stuff, but it sure is nice to have! = )

There are two airports that we can fly into here in Moscow. There is the Domodedovo Airport and the Sherametovo Airport. Domodedovo is less than an hour from our home. Sherametovo is 3 or 4 hours depending on traffic or train times. We usually fly into Domodedovo since it is so much closer, but this time it was $500 cheaper for us to fly into Sherametovo. Since no one was able to pick us up and a taxi from there is ridiculous, we took the public transportation. This mean two trains, the metro and finally a taxi from the last train station to home. It was definitely a challenge with 3 bags around 45 pounds each and 3 carry-ons. I'll admit there were times I felt a little exasperated! haha The next day my arm muscles were sore. I think I need to get in better shape! = )

As many of you know, the majority of people here in Moscow can be rather rude at times. I've been pushed, yelled at, and most commonly glared at. Honestly I was expecting the worst as we traipsed across Moscow with all our luggage. I knew we were going to be in the way of the common flow of busy Moscow. When we were walking through crowds, walking up and down stairs, going through doors difficult to open with people trying to squeeze around instead of help, going through narrow gates with one bag being pushed in front while the other was pulled from behind so we could fit through... at moments when I thought, "this is nuts", I found myself surprised 3 different times, when some kind Russian soul reached out and helped. They didn't ask for a "tip", and they didn't expect anything in return. They were just being nice! It overwhelmed me and I felt welcomed back into this country. Thank you, Lord!

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