Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Blessings

While we were here last summer, I made friends with a Russian young lady. She taught me fitness in exchange for English lessons. When we were on our way back here, I wrote and asked if there was anything I could bring her from America. Everytime someone in the family goes back to America, we all bring back small things for each other that we can't get here. She was so touched that I would bring her something. She said that no one had ever done anything like that for her before. Seeing the gratitude in her eyes was so special for me. Being a blessing is always fun, but this time was different. Thank you, Lord, for little blessings!

One of my favorite Russian dishes is called a blini. It is basically a really big crepe. They are filled with many different things from honey to fish eggs. :) I've yet to try the one with the fish eggs! lol My absolute favorite of the few I've had is apples and caramel. Joel has been having me order for myself to make me use my Russian as much as possible. I've gotten fairly confident about it and with some effort can usually order without anyone around to help me. They usually smile and will try to correct my sad accent, but are usually always patient with me. Today I got a different girl than I usually get. She heard my accent and didn't even want to try to understand what I wanted. She left and went to get what I thought was an English menu so I could point to what I wanted. (This is how I ordered by myself last summer.) When she came back though, she handed me a RUSSIAN  menu. I smiled to myself, and pointed to what I was trying to order. (thankfully I can read Russian) Later when I told my family what had happened, they informed me that was a good thing. It means my accent sounds Baltic, an apparent improvement from an English accent. Praise the Lord for His help! I'm improving! :) Thank you, Lord, for little blessings!

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