Monday, February 6, 2012

The Goodbye Picnic

Jed and Allen have been here visiting from our church for almost 2 months and are headed back early Tuesday. We had a picnic today for everyone to say their goodbyes. Russians love Shashlik. It is very similar to kababs. It marinates overnight in onions and spices.
When the meat is ready to be cooked, it is put on metal skewers.

Then it's put on special grills made just for shashlik.
It is a cold job though in the winter!

The ladies work inside making delicious salads!

We had such a good time of fellowship.

Above is a picture of Jed and Allen with Ane and I.
And below is a picture of most of the group that came to the picnic.

Picnics are always so much fun! We are doing well and thankfully staying warm enough. I wear a couple layers whether I'm going outside or not. They reported that over 150 Russians have froze to death this winter, and it's not over yet. We still have another month at least of hard winter. I was told that some snow will stick around until May or June. I'm so thankful for a warm home, hot food on our table, warm clothes and our precious Savior Who takes care of us day by day!


  1. What a blessing to see where the Reasoner's live :) I recall Bro. Reasoner's story about having only an old carrot in the fridge...It is a blessing to see where God has brough this family and made you a part of it. So excited to see what he will continue to do through you as you all grow in faith. Thanks again for sharing :)

  2. Looking forward to following your Blog Michelle and Joel. The narratives and photos make it "real" and even amazing. Keep Gospel moving! - The Mark Byard Family, Central Baptist Church, Ponca City, OK, USA.

  3. Oh Michelle! Thank you for sharing this exciting day! My two girls (L.E. and Briana) and I were reading and loving the pictures! Beautiful snow and precious people!
    Praying for you and love you!
    April Workman (Green Garden Baptist Church)