Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh from the garden!

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is all the fresh produce that becomes available. People start bringing delicious goodness from their gardens to share with others. This year the Reasoner family has joined the gardeners. We don't have a lot of space due to the dogs that guard the back of the house. They have already proved their ability to destroy by digging up an apple tree planted in the back yard. We have done what we can with what we have though.

The corn is definitely the star of the show! The only corn here is what we would call field corn. They eat it like we eat sweet corn. It's so hard to enjoy it after years of experiencing the amazingness of sweet corn! So...this is sweet corn! We have quite a few ears growing! This has been my mother-in-law's dream for a while, so she is just thrilled! = )

To the right of the picture are my babies. Green beans!! I love them!! I know it's a bit strange, but I seriously could eat fresh green beans like this every day! They are doing amazing, and we've been enjoying delicious fresh green beans! The rest of the stuff is doing pretty well. We have onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins. I think that is everything! = )

So I had to take a picture of these. I have never seen anything like it. In addition to my bush green bean plants, we have these tall vine green bean plants that produce these insanely long green beans! I'll admit I was pretty nervous to try them, but they taste just like green beans should. Has anyone else ever had green beans like these? I'd love to hear about it if you have.


  1. Wow, those are the longest green beans I have ever seen - so funny looking! =)

  2. I saw your question on the BMW page on FB and immediately knew what beans you were referring to! They are called Bora Beans - they are asian and taste best when fried in a dish like Fried Rice. They can grow to be a yard long! My mother-in-law (who loves gardening) saw the seeds advertised and thought they would be fun for my children to grow here in Uganda. We love them! They are so easy to cut up too - and you only need one bean per serving!! I grow them on a fence, but I was recently told that they will grow up a pole too. Just keep them away from chickens - they love to eat them! Rebecca Lantz

    1. Thanks so much for your help! So I guess I picked them a little soon! I thought surely that was as long as they were suppose to get! =)

    2. Mine get old and start to yellow right around 18 inches long. A few will get longer, but they taste best when they are about the thickness of a pencil. fwiw! Rebecca

  3. Hello. We grow sweet corn here in Siberia. I found the earliest hybrid seed around and it does great! We enjoy sweet corn every year now! Good job on the garden. We have a large plot of land so a lot of ours has been planted with grass seed! :) We still plant quite a bit but not 31 sotok worth! For that I am thankful!