Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

Happy summer days to everyone! We have finally started having a real summer here in the Moscow area of Russia. I was wondering if it was going to come this year. This week we have actually been in the low 30s! (or 80s F) The sun may be warm but it is lovely, and we are certainly thankful we are not enduring the extreme temperatures that our family and friends in the states are having! This last Saturday after handing out tracts, Joel and I walked on a "back road" then through our beautiful forest on our way home. We were tired and hot, but we enjoyed walk together. I love all the wild flowers that grow in the forest here.

The other day a lady who attends English club and church invited us to her home to pick cherries. We spent the day on ladders picking and picking, but feeling we were hardly even making a dent in all her cherries. She has an incredible flower garden, which of coarse was my favorite part! Here are some pictures from our fun!

We made compote (a Russian juice) with some of the cherries to share with everyone on Sunday. Compote is basically boiled berries with a whole lot of sugar! We had to use some of our sugar cubes because we ran out of regular sugar sand (as they call it here).

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