Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let the lessons begin!

The Lord has recently opened up an interesting door for me. Learning English is a big deal for many here in the Moscow area. It helps people get a better job or to move up in the job that they have. We do a free English club every Friday night in our home, and always have a devotion afterwards. It has been a great evangelism tool, and we've made many friends! Other than that, I have always said that I won't teach English. It is just, 'not my thing'. Well, for a while I have been praying about taking actual Russian lessons. I have just been doing home study with my husband since he already speaks so well. It has been going ok, but slower than I knew it should be. Going to Moscow was really not an option for me. It is a 2-4 hour trip one way. I do fine getting around our town of Domodedovo by myself, but going to Moscow by myself seriously terrifies me! Someone our family knows recently started a new business of teaching English in Domodedovo. My sister has helped them out some, but they have been looking for more teachers. I said that I wasn't interested until the idea came up that I could take Russian lessons from them. Not only am I now taking Russian lessons, I am also teaching English as an even exchange. She doesn't pay me to teach, but I get Russian lessons for free! I am really loving it! It is only a 20 minute walk from where we live, so it is very easy for me to commute by myself. It is helping me meet more people while I am getting more involved in the community of our area. It is forcing me to use my Russian, and I am hearing more Russian on a day to day basis now. I am excited to see how the Lord will use this, and I am so thankful to finally be taking real Russian lessons!

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