Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homemade Tortillas

Hello, Friends! One of the things that has been fun for me in my life here in Russia is broadening my cooking skills. I've always enjoyed cooking, but cooking in a different country changes things. And cooking in Russia is no exception. It's like a delightful challenge to me. Cream of Chicken - remarkably easy, French fried onions - delicious...I get extremely excited when I figure something else out. Google and Pinterest are my friends. I do cook Russian food as well sometimes, but honestly it's nice to also eat things that are familiar. And again I love the challenge! So today for lunch my newest adventure was taquitoes. Since we are in a massive city, we can find tortillas sometimes at some of the larger stores. That means going to Moscow though, and I try to get around that as much as possible. So today I made tortillas for the first time. Then I made a recipe for taquitoes off of Pinterest. I didn't use much of the recipe honestly just kind of a basis to help me get going since I couldn't get some of the seasonings. Cooking from scratch this much is not only a rewarding accomplishment, but also a healthier alternative. : ) If you'd like to try your hand at tortillas, you can find the recipe I used here. Happy cooking!

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