Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bolshoi Theater

Moscow never ceases to amaze me with it's beautiful buildings and rich history. I was able to experience some of that last night with my sister-in-law Hannah and Sasha, who is a friend of Hannah. It has been Hannah's desire since she was 10 years old to visit the Bolshoi Theater. Well, for her birthday yesterday this finally came true. It really is a once in a lifetime type of experience. Tickets are not cheap, but for a one time experience at this amazing theater it was doable. I would send to the Wikipedia page about this, but much of information is outdated and incorrect. They recently did a massive and very expensive renovation on the theater. They did an incredible job and the beauty of the theater seriously took my breath away. Everything was exquisitely ornate with great attention to detail. I couldn't take as many picture as I would have liked to due to restrictions on camera use. The pictures that I did take hardly portray the real beauty of it all. So here are a few pictures from our memorable night!

This is in front of the Bolshoi Theater.

The beautiful views from in front of the Bolshoi!

TsUM (department store)

Dropping our coats off at the cloakroom.

The ticket to pick up my coat after the performance. :) I thought this was just fun!

My binoculars to see the performance. :) I thought these were worth it to rent. It is a bit difficult to see details from the balcony.

The inside! GORGEOUS!!!!

The live orchestra was amazing! 

Me with the birthday girl! :)

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