Monday, January 30, 2012

Aww Sunshine...brrr...

Funny thing about sunny days...they are so beautiful as the snow glistens and the ice cycles sparkle. It makes you want to go for walk and enjoy God's creation. Sunny days are rare here. Most days are cloudy with flurries or all out snow. It's those days you want to grab a good book and not leave the house. You would think with the sun out you could wear just one layer of clothes and go for a nice long walk, but this is not the case. It's the sunny days you need to be prepared. The sunny days are the coldest days! Oh well...I'll gladly put on an extra shirt, pair of tights, socks and mittens over gloves and enjoy the beauty of it all! :)

Here's a couple pictures of the guys clearing some snow/ice off the cement. It's hard work in cold weather. The snow becomes frozen and heavy when it's this cold outside. The above picture is Joel to the left, Allen in the middle, and Jed on the right.

We had a great day in God's house yesterday. We had a good number of people even though one family wasn't there, and another just recently moved to Ukraine. The most exciting though was someone actually came to church from a tract they received! Passing out tracts can be so somewhat discouraging at times. Because of the huge gates on houses and the codes on apartment buildings, door knocking really isn't an option for many areas. But you can always find people! We can go to the park or walk throughout the apartment complexes. There's always a way! :) Still people usually don't come to church from it, but will sometimes come to a free English club we do every Friday night where we always at least have a devotion. What an encouragement it was to have someone come to church from a tract! Praise the Lord!!

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  1. Which family moved to Ukraine? Not
    Luba!!! When I finally get back there I need her to call my name from another room, "Ket-oooo-rah?" lol miss you guys and hope everything is going great praying for your visa troubles to become non existent! From Oregon with love...:)