Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3 has arrived

We've said this date over and over. Talked about it, prayed about it. And now it's here. In a few hours, we'll be Russia-bound. The last weighing of the bags is done. I'm a little concerned about the old scale we had to use. Hopefully it was accurate. If you are a fan of Tim Hawkins, maybe you've heard his thing about suitcases in airports. Who really comes to the airport with grasping and dropping clothes wishing they had some kind of container to put it in? Why do they sell suitcases at the airport?? Last time we flew I got a better understanding. A couple in front of us thought if they paid enough money they would allow them to have overweight bags. It was entertaining to say the least as they had to get out of line and yes, go find that store with the suitcases. They surely paid extra money, but not in the way they thought. I wonder if we, as Christians sometimes think that if we give enough tithe, offering and missions, God will overlook how we're not following his commandments like we should.

May God bless you all in this exciting New Year. My next post will actually be from Russia...and of course with love! :)

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