Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Line drying in the winter

While I was packing to come, I made sure to bring dryer sheets. They are next to impossible to find here because most people don't have dryers. The dryers that do exist are very different from the states because the houses and apartments don't have dryer vents. We are currently living with Joel's parents and will be for at least a year while I learn the language and adapt into the Russian culture. They brought over a dryer on a container many years ago. All these years they've had to find ways for the vent situation. Well, yesterday the dryer gave out. It was a trooper for many years. If it was summer, this would be slightly easier. Hanging clothes on the line outside would result in frozen clothes! :) The other option...hang them inside...anywhere you can find a place. I have clothes on every chair, closet door and many other random places. :) I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the dryer sheets. Oh well, I've heard they are great mosquito repellents. I'll have to give it a try this summer.

The snow is SO wonderful!  It's not been too cold either so the snow was wet and stuck to everything. My icecycles are back and longer than the last ones. These ones are at least a foot long! It is weird getting use to all this darkness. In the 6 hours of sunlight we're suppose to get it still stays pretty dark because of the clouds. They said the sun has only shone itself twice in the last month.

Joel, Jed and Allen had a great time in Kolmekii. They have plenty of stories to tell. :) It's never dull to travel in this amazing country! Joel was able to preach on little to no sleep after travelling from the states for over 24 hours, then another 15 hours in a car. He didn't sleep at all on the trip down there because the driver kept falling asleep. It's interesting how survival kicks in with situations like that.


  1. I love reading your blog. It makes me feel a tiny bit like I'm there with you which is really neat. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on everything. I miss you!

  2. I always bring a box of dryer sheets back with me just to open and smell from time to time (we've been in Ukraine nearly 10 years and haven't had a dryer yet). And, I always splurge on a box of the expensive ones! They are really nice to put into drawers to freshen them and to put into pillow cases too. I've heard there are all kinds of other uses for them, but I'm not willing to waste them! LOL!

  3. Goodness, I never thought of this issue...have prayed for your situation and for souls saved :) Can anyone set up lines to hang from indoors, or one of those closets on wheels?

    1. Most Russians hang a clothes line in their kitchens. But some do hang them outside still and then let them unthaw when they bring them inside I guess. Our dryer has started working again, but it has to be manually turned for a while and then makes loud noises while it's drying. lol I'm so thankful it decided to work a little longer. Thank you for your prayers! :)