Thursday, June 14, 2012

Memorable Moments

Sometimes there are weeks that stick out from other weeks. It can be in a good way or a bad way. This week has been a defining week for me. I'll explain since that statement really makes little sense on it's own. When I began dating my husband, he already knew that God had called him to Russia. We had barely started talking when he asked me if I was willing to leave my family and move to Russia. I was indeed willing and thrilled at the opportunity to serve in this way. But there was always the thought in the back of my mind that what if something happened to parents while I was on the field? My parents were unable to have any children besides me, so who would take care of them? Who would be there for them if I couldn't? The responsibility that I felt was difficult for me. Not to mention the love that I have for my parents, desiring to be the best daughter that I can be. But I came to realize that if that's what the Lord had for me, He would take care of the details. Well, that has certainly been tested this week. My dad started having problems with sinus stuff a couple months ago. After several different antibiotics and doctor visits, there was no improvement. His face began to get puffy and left eye and cheek began to sag. They did a CAT scan and found a mass in his face and were unable to locate some of the facial bones. He was diagnosed with Inverted Papilloma and was told it was most likely cancer. He was sent to a larger hospital for the surgery in which he was told he would probably lose his eye, and if cancer was involved, he would lose more. Everything in me wanted to hop on the next plane to be with my parents. My dear husband just held me while I cried my heart out. The more I prayed though, the more I realized I needed to stay here. The Lord gave me the peace and grace that I needed. During the surgery, the doctors had quite a surprise! There was no papilloma! None! Instead Dad had the craziest infection in his face. They drained the infection and what do you know, there were bones there. They had been moved and reshaped due to the impact of the infection, but they were all there. So, no cancer, no tumor, he kept his eye and now he is recovering nicely! Praise the Lord!!

In the midst of all this, life went on here in Russia. Not only did it continue, but the Lord opened an incredible door for me and also gave me the courage to do something outside of my comfort zone. The incredible door was the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone that has been coming here to learn English. He must continually improve his English to advance in his career, so he come to the house sometimes to just talk. No lesson, he just wants someone who will talk with him and correct him. The conversation just went to the Bible and Jesus. I have been praying for him, but had not intended on talking to him about it that day. Isn't it great that God knows the best time when we are clueless. After I finished talking to him about the love of God, and how much Jesus went through for us in spite of us, he was silent. I asked him what he was thinking, and he told me he had heard everything I just told him his whole life, but had never heard it or thought about it like just now. We talked some more and went through some English/Russian scripture together. At the end of it all, he said it was just too much to take in and he needed to do some thinking. Please pray for this man. It is so true that the love of God constrains us!

The other thing happened at the grocery store. Joel and I were waiting on his parents to finish up checking out and sat down on a bench. A girl walked over and sat down beside us. She had the most incredible braid. Braiding is so popular here, they even have kiosks where people get amazing braids. I was so impressed by the uniqueness of the braid I wanted to take a picture, but didn't think I could do it without her noticing. = ) ha! So I asked Joel to help ask her if I could take a picture. He thought I was crazy! (most likely true) So believe it or not I asked her myself!! I told her that her hair was beautiful and asked if I could take a picture of it. She smiled and turned around for me to take it! All by myself! Seriously, it was awesome! = ) Thank you, Lord!

So this turned out to be way longer than I anticipated. Now that I have probably completely bored you to death, I hope you have a wonderful day. And be reminded that even when life goes a little crazy, be sensitive to what the Lord is wanting to do in you and through you! Sometimes the most memorable moments happen when we are least expecting them!


  1. Such a great post, thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Such an exciting story about your Dad! Isn't God good?!

    I also wanted to let you know about a site that teaches how to do all kinds of cool braids. I love watching their videos (that are uploaded once a week) and trying some of them on my daughter's hair. This is also something really fun that I get to do with the young ladies in our church... certainly a bonding time full of fun and laughter for all of us! The address is: Enjoy!