Sunday, June 10, 2012

We heart picnics!

We love picnics here in Moscow! We have them for whatever reason we can come up with. It can be raining or -30 outside, we still enjoy incredibly delicious Shashlek and great fellowship. Here are some pictures from today.

Shashlek is so popular here, it even has it's own cooking setup.

So does this look like a yummy, fruit filled dessert? This is actually not sweet at all. It is basically fish, mayo and beets! We have a saying in our home. "Where He leads me I will follow; what they feed me I will swallow." It actually wasn't as hard to swallow as I anticipated, but I definitely wanted to share this with you so could smile with me. = )

If you find it difficult to eat the fish, mayo and beet salad, you can always follow it with some incredible chocolate! 

We had wonderful day and praise the Lord for the church here and the good fellowship we enjoy!

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