Thursday, June 7, 2012

Привет (Prevyet)

One of the biggest things on my plate right is learning Russian. Several have asked how my Russian is coming...Well, it's a slower process than I would like, but I know it is improving just the same. There are days when everything makes sense while I study. Then I go out among people and I can't understand anything. While other days, I'm studying and thinking, this is crazy and makes no sense!! Then I go out in public, and someone talks to me...and I understand them!! For everyone reading this that has ever learned another language, you know the amount of patience you must have and the amount of "humble pie" you must eat. Many days I feel like a child. While I am learning my colors, counting, or how to politely ask for something, I am thinking wow it seems so much harder being a kid at 28 years old as opposed to 5. And of coarse there is all of the giggling for saying stuff wrong or being completely clueless of what is going on. Last night at church some ladies were talking to me about the muffins I had made. At first I was doing ok. They asked me if I had made them, and I told them "Dah" or yes. =) They asked if it was tort (Russian word for cake). Again, "Dah". = )Then they all started asking questions about the muffins. I panicked! LOL All of sudden I couldn't understand anything or even think of trying to answer. That feeling... of people looking right at me and talking, me not understanding, and the look on their face when they realize I'm lost...I fear will always make me feel just horrible. Let me tell you, I will never forget the Russian word for strawberry ever again!! Kloobneka! One thing I am learning quickly is I need to laugh about it all. It's always good to laugh and it makes everything much less stressful! =) My husband has been working with me on Russian. It is proving to be a challenge for sure! He speaks so well, but since he learned it as a kiddo, his learning experience and mine are completely different. He is a good teacher though for the time being until I can get into some classes or find a tutor.

So would you like to learn a bit about Russian language? If so, here ya go...

The verb conjugation is very different in Russian. The middle word in the phrases below is read, and the last word is books. You'll notice that the verb "read" changes depending on who is doing the reading.
Я читаю книги.           I read books.
Ya chetayu kneegee.
Ты читаешъ книги.    You read books.
Tee chetayesh kneegee.
Вы читаете книги.      You read books. (Formal way to say it) or also means Ya'll read books. = )
Vouee chetayete kneegee.
Он читает книги.        He reads books.
On chetayet kneegee.
Она читает книги.      She reads books.
Ona chetayet kneegee.
Они читают книги.    They read books.
Onee chetayut kneegee.

If you just took the time to read through all that, I am completely impressed and so thankful that you would take the time to read about my wonderful life here in Russia. До свидания! Do Svedaneya!

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  1. You will have to teach me all that you are learning! And then I will make YOU feel smart when you see how pathetic I am at learning languages! =) Russian is hard!